PMI India Champions of the Quarter (Q3 2015)

PMI India Champions Q3 2015

PMI is committed to create awareness of project management as a profession around the world. PMI India has embarked on an innovative initiative – The PMI India Champion Program, to increase awareness among the practitioners and the industry of project management and its benefits.

This program aims at identifying and developing passionate project management professionals who will function as ambassadors of PMI, and support its Project Management advocacy efforts in India. These professionals will be employees of various organizations who will work with PMI to garner support, visibility and space for Project Management. The Champions will help supporting PMI initiatives within their organizations to start with and will act as a bridge between PMI India and their organization. This is a volunteer assignment and the volunteer will be required to work on the program in a volunteering capacity over a period of two years from the date of appointment.

An objective matrix will help us to track the program progress through the volunteer’s contributions as well as collaborations. The program will be governed by the Governance framework and the volunteers’ contributions will be recognized by appropriate tangible and non-tangible benefits according to the applicable Reward and Recognition policy in force.

A group comprising of Senior Members of PMI in India and senior professional across Industries terms as Champion Advisory Committee (CAC) who governs the program under the guidance & inputs from PMI India. The CAC team decides the strategic plan in the beginning of every year as well as monitors the execution throughout the year through appropriate actions. The CAC members also mentors & guides the Champions in achieving the program targets through individual’s advocacy efforts.

The Program administrator appointed by PMI India overseas the entire program functioning as well as ensure seamless connect between the program team and the PMI India office as well as PMI Chapters.

For further information, access PMI India Champion Program