Hitting the Right Notes

By Panchalee Thakur

The announcement of large government programs to revive the economy and alleviate social problems has once again drawn attention to project management capabilities in the country. The project management fraternity came together to listen to thought leaders from the corporate and public sectors, and learn how project leaders have explored ways of “ARCHITECTING PROJECT MANAGEMENT for Redefining India”, the theme for the seventh Project Management National Conference this year.

The conference on 10-12 September at the Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru attracted more than 1,200 delegates from across the country, besides 200 others who logged on to the conference live Webcast from different parts of the world.

As the delegates settled down for the inaugural session, stand-up comedy acts by Praveen Kumar and Sundeep Rao helped warm up the atmosphere and open their minds to receive new thoughts and ideas.

More ice-breaking moments followed as Sumanth Padival, in-charge of the conference project management office, opened his welcome address in Kannada and Murali Santhanam, president, PMI Bangalore India Chapter, urged delegates to follow the Bengaluru example of “by two coffee” (share a coffee) to network and share ideas during the conference.

The conference had a power-packed agenda of 10 keynote speakers, who have been sources of inspiration for their work, passion, and leadership; annual awards presentation to nine projects of varying nature and size for the exemplary use of project management; three in-depth, pre-conference sessions on themes of common interest to project managers; 20 technical paper presentation, and two case studies and sponsors’ speakers each; and several opportunities to meet and interact with fellow practitioners across three days.

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