Message of hope – as rain-ravaged Chennai limps back to normalcy

Ramasubramaniam P

“Chennai, the City of hope for all walks of life, has witnessed unprecedented rainfall and flood, reeling most part of the city under water.

While the city is recovering to normalcy, daring the disaster caused by heavy down pour and flood, we at PMI Chennai Chapter are personally concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our beloved members and their families.

In this difficult time, we trust all our Chapter Members, their families in Chennai are safe and keeping good health.

We are also equally concerned for the safety and well being of our fellow Chennaities and would like to extend all possible support to the needy people impacted by the devastating flood.

PMI Chennai Chapter cares for its City as much it cares for its members.

Our Chapter volunteers and members are already on the field from day one, providing relief materials and supporting rescue operations in their localities.

Mr. Mark A. Langley, President and CEO of PMI has expressed his sincere sympathies and assured all possible support to PMI Chennai Chapter in providing relief measures to the affected people.

We are formulating a proposal to provide relief materials to the affected people within our financial limits and keep you posted on the same.

Meanwhile, please take care and stay safe.

Mr P Ramasubramaniam
President – PMI Chennai Chapter