Ms. Gunit Singla

Ms. Gunit SinglaMs. Gunit Singla grew up in an atmosphere of simple food excitingly served. So diving into the food business despite being an Eng. Lit. graduate from LSR waving an MBA degree came naturally to Ms. Gunit. You eat with your eyes first and one has to create the right ambience to enjoy the spread. With this focus in mind, Ms. Gunit takes on the creative mantle of handling the front end of Uncle Sam’s Kitchen as the planner.

Fondly called the Martha Stewart of India by the US Consul General in 1998, Ms. Gunit lends her enthusiastic eye for detail to all that strikes you the minute you walk into a Uncle Sam’s Kitchen event. Their out of the way hospitality which is one of USKs trademarks, is in fact just a reflection of Ms. Gunit’s own incredibly hospitable personality.