Celebrating INNOVATION & AGILITY at Sangamam 2019

PMI Chennai Chapter is proud to launch Sangamam Awards as part of #Sangamam19. The awards aim to recognize and honour exemplary regional start-up and CSR/NGO projects.


The largest Project Management Conference, #SANGAMAM19 is scheduled to be held on Sunday , 17th November 2019 in Hotel Hilton, Chennai.

  • Imparting Project Management at Government Schools – 23rd February 2018
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      Our liaison addressed to 60+ students (9th & 10th grade) of puvalur village, Government Higher Secondary School. This is located 20 kms away from Trichy and 320 kms from Chennai.

      In that session he talked about how project management will help them for their future/career and how they can use as a life skill.

      Used their School water tank construction as an example for the project.

  • Teaching life skills – 18th February 2018
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      This month we got opportunity to collaborate with Ankur ( Life Skill Foundation ), They are teaching life skills to Children and Adults. On Feb 17th, Our liaison Visukumar Gopal addressed participants about how project management can be used as a Life Skill.

      PMI Chennai Chapter Secretary Mr. Sriram Ragavan also joined with liaison and helped in sharing the details about PMIEF during networking session.

      We are going to have interlock session between Ankur Leadership and Chennai Chapter Leadership to take it forward and plan for future sessions.

  • Our collaboration with AVTAR for Project Puthri – January 2018
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      In this new year PMI Chennai Chapter collaborated with AVTAR for Project Puthri.

      AVTAR is a Human Capital Public Charitable Trust. Through project puthri provided employability guidance and career awareness to underprivileged girl children. The main focus behind this project was to direct India’s underprivileged daughters to choose educational courses and career paths from a variety of options that will help them to move up from below poverty line. PMI Chennai Chapter Board Members and Volunteers participated collectively for this great cause.

      On the day of the event 1000+ young girls (from 8th to 12th standard) from about a hundred Corporation / Government / Missionary / Trust / Municipality schools across Chennai. They accompanied by their teachers, along with volunteers from PUTHRI fraternity. It was an interactive conference session where experts and youth icons shared information on how educated young girls can be the fulcrum of support and sustenance for their families.

      Here enclosed the photos and videos of this event, we displayed various posters of PMIEF and explained how project management as a life skill which they need to learn in the early stages of their life.

      PMIef imparting project management to school students

      PMIef imparting project management to school students

      PMICC team who contributed to PMIef

  • Efforts for Social Good – August 2017
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      This month initiated to reach out the college students in Tamilnadu, then learned about MMA (Madras Management Association) Student Chapters through my contacts in many colleges. With the help of MMA folks conducted totally four awareness sessions and reached to 560+ management students in the following colleges.

      These colleges are from tier2 and tier3 cities of Tamilnadu (Karur, Erode, Thiruchengode and Kadalur), Educators also interested to promote project management in their institutes.

      Date: 18th Aug 2017 / Time: 10 AM to 12 Noon / No of Attendees: 160+
      College Name: M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering

      PMIef at M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering

      Date: 18th Aug 2017 / Time: 3 PM to 4:30 PM / No of Attendees: 170+
      College Name: Kongu Engineering College

      PMIef at Kongu Engineering College

      Date: 19th Aug 2017 / Time: 10 AM to 12 Noon / No of Attendees: 180+
      College Name: Vivekanandha Institute of Information and Management Studies

      PMIef at Vivekanandha Institute of Information and Management Studies

      Date: 30th Aug 2017 / Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM / No of Attendees: 50+
      College Name: CK College of Engineering and Technology

      PMIef at CK College of Engineering and Technology

      Few more colleges agreed to have the awareness session in coming months, will keep you updated on these efforts. Vivekananda College for Women, Thiruchengode agreed to have Faculty Development Program in next 2 months. Based on PMI Chennai Chapter volunteers’ availability, we will organize this program and plan to complete on or before 30th Nov 2017.

  • Contribution to PMIef
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      The PMI Chennai Chapter is passionate about giving back to their members and their community through efforts to leverage project management for social good®. PMI Chennai Chapter maintains a close relationship with the PMI Educational Foundation and encourages you to learn more about the PMI Educational Foundation at www.pmief.org.

      Visukumar Gopal is the PMIEF Liaison, and as such, serves as a vital communications and activities link between the PMI Educational Foundation and the PMI Chennai Chapter. As such, Visukumar Gopal is knowledgeable about PMIEF initiatives and resources. Please reach out to Visukumar Gopal at liaison@pmi-chennai.org with questions about getting volunteering or learning more about the PMIEF.

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