Thittamidu Vetri thodu – A Book written by PMI Chennai Chapter Members

This book is for the children of age group 8 to 16 years to enable them to understand the concepts of Project Management in Tamil Language.  Click to know more details.

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  • Thittamidu Vetri Thodu – A Book in Tamil language on Project Management as a Life Skill for 7+ Grader
    • Greetings from Chennai Chapter!

      Since 2018 our chapter has embarked on a journey to educate Project Management as a Life Skill to students of grade 7 and above. We had been doing this by partnering with a NGO from Chennai. We have been successful in conducting around 20 sessions at various Government High schools in and around Chennai making a positive impact to over 600 students. This has been achieved with the help of our Chapter Volunteers who spent their valuable time despite their busy schedules to take these sessions.

      Thittamidu Vetri Thodu - Link to get the book
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      On November 2019 just after our Sangamam 2019 conference, our chapter President Syed and Past President Prasanna convened and proposed that we create a Project Management book in தமிழ் (Tamil) which targets young minds which will be our contribution to the society. There are not many books in Project Management in Tamil which target young readers. The Chapter board agreed to this idea and our Past President Prasanna was put in charge of this Project and thus this project was born. We wanted to have the book ready for publishing before the end of 2019 and wanted to publish it before Pongal (Mid-January) of 2020.

      The Journey:

      Prasanna immediately tasked with forming the team reached out to our Chapter Volunteers, we also put up a VRMS opportunity and received applications from all interested volunteers. Within a week the core team was formed and we kick started the project, this was done virtually. Many members of this team had experience in taking sessions for students and held a PMP / ACP certification and almost all of them worked as Project Managers at different levels at their respective organizations.

      The Team

                               Contributors List

      The team was tasked to complete the content within a Month so we could engage the publisher for designing and publishing the book. It wasn’t an easy task since we cannot literally translate the PMBoK for 7th graders to read and understand. The project was kick started virtually with the distributed team on Dec 2019. We had one face to face meeting after a few weeks of commencing the work. This project also adopted all formal project management practices (WBS, progress review meetings, Trello Kanban board, status matrix, design standards, content guidelines, review checklists, wireframes for page layouts, configuration management, infographics for status reporting and what not?!). The shorter duration of the project was not an excuse to exempt us from following the best practices.

      This is a team of seasoned volunteers who had already gone through the “forming, storming, norming, and performing” stages and could collaborate in a harmonious rhythm. Each one of them volunteered for their love for mother tongue, passion for project management above all doing something good for the future generation. It was a cross-functional team leveraging the competencies of people from all disciplines (designer, content creator, subject matter reviewer, language expert, publisher, communication strategists and social media marketing specialists). Those who do not have Tamil as mother tongue also contributed in some significant way (Google helps).

      It was a great realization that many of us fumbled to write a few lines in our own mother tongue having lost day to day touch in writing for some decades now.  The project team also engaged with the whole PMI members fraternity through social media in selecting a book title and cover page design.

      The approach of the book was to use a single case study to elaborate on the knowledge areas and process groups succinctly.  If you happen to read the book, it will give you an impression as if it was written by an author than a team. The salient features included colorful and meaningful pictures, do you know facts relevant to the chapters, a touch of literature with appropriate reference from Thirukural (a 2000 year old Tamil Literature) and PM Fundas translated in Tamil (Thank you PMI India for providing us with the Art Work), etc. It was a fine balance of creativity and consistency, giving the right freedom of thoughts to the contributors. Even debut volunteers can be free of anxiety to perform for there are always mentoring hands around (at times in excess also).

      By the end of December the content was ready. The selection of publisher happened in parallel to content creation and by the time the content was ready, publisher had completed his typesetting. He had also initiated the process for ISBN. When the Kindle version was released, the team was delighted that their efforts turned into a meaningful outcome. The print edition got delayed due to the pandemic. The printing of the book was supposed to happen in March but the unforeseen circumstances delayed it. Finally in June had the printed copies.

      What We Achieved:

      The picture speaks for itself! It is a moment of pride for all our chapter members. By publishing this book we have etched our Chapter’s name in history which each of the member can be proud off.
      The foreword was written by veteran scholar Kalaimamani Thiru. Solomon Pappaiah which is also a blessing for us.

      We offer free books to educational institutions who want to have this book. All they need to do is reach out to the Chapter Board and give a few details so we can give them the free copies. The book is available for purchase on Amazon India.

      This is only the start for our success journey.  We will work together to make this book available and useful for all Tamil medium students and prove that language should not be the barrier for someone to learn good things.

      Together We Can!

      Buy HERE !
      If you wish to purchase in bulk (5 books or more) please email us at
  • Register for GCoP/KSS Webinar session on “Thought Leadership on Post COVID 19 – New World Order” on 9th May 2020
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      9th May, 2020

      6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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      Webinar Session

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      PMI Chennai Chapter is happy to invite you to the fifth Global Communities of Practice (GCoP) / Knowledge Sharing Session scheduled on the date and time given above.  This webinar will be presided by Mr Sathya kumar who will deliver a session on “Thought Leadership on Post COVID 19 – New World Order”.  The Global Communities of Practice enables knowledge sharing between the chapter members across the globe on a common forum.

      1. Webinar starts at 5.30PM IST  6:00PM IST (Updated on 5th May)
      2. A feedback will be requested from all webinar attendees to obtain the required PDU.

      Please click the button below and register.

      Webinar Link

      Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

      You can also dial in using your phone.
      United States: +1 (872) 240-3212

      Access Code: 226-333-957



      Detailed Agenda

      05:55 PM – 06:00 PM  : Web login by attendees
      06:00 PM – 06:45 PM  : Topic: “Thought Leadership on Post COVID 19 – New World Order” by Mr Sathya kumar
      06:45 PM – 07:00 PM  : Q & A

      About the guest speaker


      Mr. M. Sathya kumar LLB, ACA, ACMA, CS – National Youth Icon Award winner & Change Maker Award Winner of UNESCO Association in India. He is a CEO and Founder of Tycoon+ Advisors and visions to provide employment to 5000+ people of India in another 5 years by 2022. He is Advisor to Navkar Consultancy Services (NCS). He is faculty for NACEN – National Academy of Customs, Excise & Narcotics accredited Insitutions (Government of India).

      He is Certified Advisor to Zoho Books – Innovative Solution for GST in India. He is renowned faculty of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). In the recent times, he is a sought after advisor/consultant, faculty & speaker on Goods & Services Tax (GST) for the Industry people to make them understand the Implication of the same. He has worked with clients across sectors such as SME , MSME, Traders, Pharma, FMCG, Real Estate, Media, Financial Services, Logistics, Power, IT/ITES etc., He is extensively involved in GST Initiative in India with Government Officials.

      He got his school education from Sitadevi Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya, Chennai. His 500+ session’s videos are available in Youtube. Under his Social Initiative, 13000+ Volunteers are spread across state of Tamil Nadu who are igniting nationalism across the state with Swami Vivekananda ideals.

      He is a Founder of “Swami Vivekananda School of Public Policy” mentored by 50+ Governance Leaders which is focused in Intellectual Revolution for Transforming India patronized under Vivekananda Institute of Leadership & Governance (VILG), an Indian Youth Think Tank mentored by experts.

      His vision is to put India in the Developed Nations List soon in the years to come.

      Thanks & Regards

      Vijay Narayanan PMP,
      Vice President – Professional Development
      PMI Chennai Chapter
      Mobile : +919940438413

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  • Register for webinar session on “Leadership and Stakeholder Management” on 25th April 2020 – 6.30PM IST
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      25th April, 2020

      6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

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      Free for all Members


      PMI Chennai Chapter invites you to join April month’s Knowledge Sharing / Global Communities of Practice (GCoP) Webinar Session scheduled on the date and time given above. This webinar will be presided by Mr Sudhir Rao who will deliver a session on “Leadership and Stakeholder Management“.

      Note:  Kindly note that filling a feedback form requested in the chat window at the end of the session is mandatory to process the required PDU.

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      Detailed Agenda

      06:25 PM – 06:30 PM : Web login by attendees
      06:30 PM – 07:15 PM : Topic: “Leadership and Stakeholder Management” by Mr. Sudhir Rao
      07:15 PM – 07:30 PM : Q & A

      About the topic

      Leadership is a widely used term nowadays. What does it mean in this day and age? What do each one of us have to keep in mind if we want to become Leaders? The 45 minute talk focuses on understanding the term and then delivers some simple tips on the topic of leadership related to stakeholder management.

      Walk away with an understanding of a key quality expected from Leaders, some implementable tips and a call to action!

      About the guest speaker

      Mr. Sudhir Rao has worked in 4 different companies with 22 years in Cognizant handling client engagement to global delivery, program management, consulting and M&A Integration. He had aspiration in joining the Army and becoming an Astrophysicist before joining IT. He works as an Independent Leadership Coach with Individuals. he holds Life Coaching Certification from CCA. He is member of Professional Speakers Association of India. Before joining Cognizant in 1995, a previous job took him on board a Crude Oil tanker for a life-changing journey half-way across the World from India. On the side, he loves to be physically & mentally fit (co-founded a bootcamp), spend time with family, read books, listen to music, travel and interact with people through talks, blogs or discussions.

  • KSS/GCoP Webinar on “Creating a Compelling Future through Balanced Decision Making” on 12th April 2020 6:30PM IST
    • Kind reminder to register for our KSS / GCoP Webinar session on “Creating a Compelling Future through Balanced Decision Making ” on Sunday, April 12th at 6:30 PM IST


      12th April, 2020

      6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

      PDUs: 1.0


      Webinar Session

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      Kind reminder to register for PMI Chennai Chapter’s April month’s Knowledge Sharing / Global Communities of Practice (GCoP) Webinar Session scheduled on the date and time given above. This webinar will be presided by Mr Prakash Seshadri Sharma who will deliver a session on “Creating a Compelling Future through Balanced Decision Making“.Note:
      Kindly note that filling a feedback form requested in the chat window at the end of the session is mandatory to process the required PDU.
      Thanks to those already registered.
      Please click the button below and register.
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      Detailed Agenda

      06:25 PM – 06:30 PM : Web login by attendees
      06:30 PM – 07:15 PM : Topic: “Creating a Compelling Future through Balanced Decision Making” by Mr. Prakash
      07:15 PM – 07:30 PM : Q & A

      About the topic

      The true ability of a leader is in determining the path to the future of the Organization. And such a path can only be determined by the quality of decisions that a leader takes. When you hit a yoke, whether to take left or right (of the 2 choices available at a yoke), is a tough choice to make for a leader. Both are loaded with possibilities and a set of challenges as well.

      How does one evaluate the choices available and arrive at a Balanced decision? The quality of such a decision determines the quality of the future of the organisation, which in turn is determined by the ability of a leader to take a balanced decision. The idea behind this session is to look at the role of the leader in decision-making situations and if he is well equipped to take balanced decisions.

      About the guest speaker

      Mr. Prakash Seshadri Sharma

      Mr. Prakash is an avid Meditator, Reader & Author and a turnaround cum Strategic expert. He helps several Business Verticals in Profitability, Management, Leadership and I.T. Also, he lends his expertise to other areas including Family Business Transformation, Behavioral Science, Culture & DNA, EQ, Six Sigma and NLP. He has a unique Mental Conditioning Framework for Sports Vertical and supports the revitalisation of PSUs and more

  • GCoP Webinar session on “The Project Manager Who Smiled: The Value of Fun in Projects” on 29th March 2020
    • PMI Chennai Chapter is happy to invite you to the fifth Global Communities of Practice (GCoP) / Knowledge Sharing Session scheduled on the date and time given above. This webinar will be presided by Mr Peter Taylor who will deliver a session on “The Project Manager Who Smiled: The Value of Fun in Projects“. The Global Communities of Practice enables knowledge sharing between the chapter members across the globe on a common forum.

      1. All attendees will receive a free eBook ‘The Project Manager Who Smiled’ written by Mr Peter Taylor.
      2. A feedback will be requested from all webinar attendees to obtain the required PDU.


      Detailed Agenda

      06:25 PM – 06:30 PM  : Web login by attendees
      06:30 PM – 07:15 PM  : Topic: “The Project Manager Who Smiled: The Value of Fun In Projects” by Mr Peter Taylor
      07:15 PM – 07:30 PM  : Q & A


      About the topic

      Project management is a serious business, but it is a serious business that can be a lot of fun too.
      Now whilst there is, quite rightly, lots of talk about the serious side of the profession there is a lot less that addresses the more enjoyable aspects, and so I give you ‘The Project Manager Who Smiled’
      • A good laugh not only reduces tension and relieves stress, but also helps to increase team bonding and boost morale
      •  When you’re happy, you are more productive, more creative, more open, more like-able and a better leader
      So, let’s all smile a little more and enjoy the amazing world of projects


      About the guest speaker

      Mr. Peter Taylor

      An experienced Change and Transformation Specialist who has operated at a global scale within many industries, for organisations ranging from small to enterprise. Peter is the author of the number 1 bestselling project management book ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, along with many other books on Project Management, PMO development, Executive Sponsorship, Transformation Leadership, and Speaking Skills. He has delivered over 380 lectures around the world in over 25 countries and has been described as ‘perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today’. and

      Vice President – Professional Development
      PMI Chennai Chapter
      Mobile : +919940438413

  • Imparting Project Management at Government Schools – 23rd February 2018
    • PMIEF(R)_RGB

      Our liaison addressed to 60+ students (9th & 10th grade) of puvalur village, Government Higher Secondary School. This is located 20 kms away from Trichy and 320 kms from Chennai.

      In that session he talked about how project management will help them for their future/career and how they can use as a life skill.

      Used their School water tank construction as an example for the project.

  • Teaching life skills – 18th February 2018
    • PMIEF(R)_RGB

      This month we got opportunity to collaborate with Ankur ( Life Skill Foundation ), They are teaching life skills to Children and Adults. On Feb 17th, Our liaison Visukumar Gopal addressed participants about how project management can be used as a Life Skill.

      PMI Chennai Chapter Secretary Mr. Sriram Ragavan also joined with liaison and helped in sharing the details about PMIEF during networking session.

      We are going to have interlock session between Ankur Leadership and Chennai Chapter Leadership to take it forward and plan for future sessions.

  • Our collaboration with AVTAR for Project Puthri – January 2018
    • PMIEF(R)_RGB

      In this new year PMI Chennai Chapter collaborated with AVTAR for Project Puthri.

      AVTAR is a Human Capital Public Charitable Trust. Through project puthri provided employability guidance and career awareness to underprivileged girl children. The main focus behind this project was to direct India’s underprivileged daughters to choose educational courses and career paths from a variety of options that will help them to move up from below poverty line. PMI Chennai Chapter Board Members and Volunteers participated collectively for this great cause.

      On the day of the event 1000+ young girls (from 8th to 12th standard) from about a hundred Corporation / Government / Missionary / Trust / Municipality schools across Chennai. They accompanied by their teachers, along with volunteers from PUTHRI fraternity. It was an interactive conference session where experts and youth icons shared information on how educated young girls can be the fulcrum of support and sustenance for their families.

      Here enclosed the photos and videos of this event, we displayed various posters of PMIEF and explained how project management as a life skill which they need to learn in the early stages of their life.

      PMIef imparting project management to school students

      PMIef imparting project management to school students

      PMICC team who contributed to PMIef

  • Efforts for Social Good – August 2017
    • PMIEF(R)_RGB

      This month initiated to reach out the college students in Tamilnadu, then learned about MMA (Madras Management Association) Student Chapters through my contacts in many colleges. With the help of MMA folks conducted totally four awareness sessions and reached to 560+ management students in the following colleges.

      These colleges are from tier2 and tier3 cities of Tamilnadu (Karur, Erode, Thiruchengode and Kadalur), Educators also interested to promote project management in their institutes.

      Date: 18th Aug 2017 / Time: 10 AM to 12 Noon / No of Attendees: 160+
      College Name: M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering

      PMIef at M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering

      Date: 18th Aug 2017 / Time: 3 PM to 4:30 PM / No of Attendees: 170+
      College Name: Kongu Engineering College

      PMIef at Kongu Engineering College

      Date: 19th Aug 2017 / Time: 10 AM to 12 Noon / No of Attendees: 180+
      College Name: Vivekanandha Institute of Information and Management Studies

      PMIef at Vivekanandha Institute of Information and Management Studies

      Date: 30th Aug 2017 / Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM / No of Attendees: 50+
      College Name: CK College of Engineering and Technology

      PMIef at CK College of Engineering and Technology

      Few more colleges agreed to have the awareness session in coming months, will keep you updated on these efforts. Vivekananda College for Women, Thiruchengode agreed to have Faculty Development Program in next 2 months. Based on PMI Chennai Chapter volunteers’ availability, we will organize this program and plan to complete on or before 30th Nov 2017.

  • Contribution to PMIef
    • PMIEF(R)_RGB

      The PMI Chennai Chapter is passionate about giving back to their members and their community through efforts to leverage project management for social good®. PMI Chennai Chapter maintains a close relationship with the PMI Educational Foundation and encourages you to learn more about the PMI Educational Foundation at

      Visukumar Gopal is the PMIEF Liaison, and as such, serves as a vital communications and activities link between the PMI Educational Foundation and the PMI Chennai Chapter. As such, Visukumar Gopal is knowledgeable about PMIEF initiatives and resources. Please reach out to Visukumar Gopal at with questions about getting volunteering or learning more about the PMIEF.

      PMIEF strives to magnify the power of Non‐profits and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in delivering their missions through the application of project management. For more details:

      PMIEF seeks to change the way children learn, live and plan for the future through knowledge and application of project management. For more details:

      PMIEF is building a better-prepared workforce through academic and professional development scholarships as well as student and professional awards. For more details:

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